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    Nissan U32 Altima Coupe indicator reset service light indicator

    Resetting the Oil Service Light on Nissan U32 Altima Coupe (2007-2012)

    Regularly changing the engine oil in your Nissan U32 Altima Coupe and resetting the service light ensures your vehicle runs efficiently. Here’s a guide to help you reset the service light after an oil change.

    Nissan U32 Altima Coupe indicator reset service light indicator


    1. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting the engine) or push the START/STOP button once.
    2. Use the (square) button, located behind the steering wheel to the left, to navigate to the SETTINGS mode.
    3. Press the (circle) button in the setting mode to access MAINTENANCE.
    4. Highlight ENGINE OIL by pressing the (circle) button and set the desired interval with the (square) button.
    5. Enter the desired distance in the reset mode.
    6. Select RESET and input the new time or distance.
    7. Repeat step 3 for the ENGINE OIL FILTER option.
    8. Finally, turn off the ignition and then restart the engine to ensure the service light has been reset.

    Note: These instructions are based on the owner’s manual for the Nissan U32 Altima Coupe.

    Important Reminder:

    Always perform this reset following an oil and filter change, as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Resetting the light without an oil change could result in premature engine wear and potential performance issues. Should the indicator light remain on upon starting the vehicle, the reset might not have been successful. In such cases, repeat the procedure.

    Regular maintenance and adhering to these reset steps will ensure your Nissan U32 Altima Coupe operates at its best.

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