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    Instructions on how to manually reset the warning signs that occur in your car dashboard

    Fiat Reset The Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light (TPMS) FIAT

    The purpose of the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on FIAT is to alert you when tire pressure is too low and could to create unsafe driving conditions. If the light is illuminated, it means your tires could be underinflated, which can lead to undue tire wear and possible tire failure. It’s important to understand the importance of proper tire inflation, and how TPMS can help you maintain your tires.

    Reset TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light FIAT 500, 500L, 500X 2011,  2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

    1. Set parking brake.
    2. Turn ignition to ON/RUN (engine off)
    3. Use the MENU button to select the VEHICLE INFORMATION menu in the DRIVER INFORMATION CENTER (DIC).
    4. Use thumbwheel to scroll to the Tire Pressure menu item screen.
    5. Press the SET/CLR button to begin sensor matching process. A message requesting acceptance of the process should display.
    6. Press the SET/CLR button again to confirm selection.
    7. Starting with LF tire, increase/decrease tire pressure until horn sounds, or use TPMS relearn tool to activate each sensor.
    8. After horn sounds proceed as in step 5 for the next 3 sensors in the following order: RF, RR, LR. After completing LR tire, horn will sound twice.
    9. Turn ignition to OFF position to exit vehicle learn mode. Adjust all tires to pressure listed on tire placard.

    1. Press and hold the push button start until the vehicle is in accessory mode. Note: on Cadillac models you will know when you are in accessory mode the Cadillac emblem appears on the DIC.
    2. Press the MENU button located on the turn signal lever until “VEHICLE INFORMATION MENU” is displayed.
    3. Once you are in the VEHICLE INFORMATION MENU, use the ^ v on the turn signal level until the DIC displays the vehicle’s tire inflation pressure and positions.
    4. Press and hold the button located on the end of the turn signal level until “Are you sure that you want to relearn? YES or NO” is displayed.
    5. Use the ^ v on the turn signal lever to highlight YES. Once YES is highlighted, press the button located on the end of the turn signal lever. The horn will chirp, “Tire Learning Active” will be displayed on the DIC, and the left front turn signal will be illuminated.
    6. Beginning with the left front frire, use a TPMS activation tool to activate the left front sensor. Once the sensor has been activated, the horn will chirp and the right front turn signal will be illuminated.Repeat procedure in the following order, right front sensor, right rear sensor, and finally the left rear sensor. Once the left rear sensor has been activated, the horn will chirp twice. You can then turn the vehicle off to exit “learn mode.”

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