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    How to Reset Honda Civic Oil Light

    Whether you are a proud owner of a shiny new Honda Civic or have an older, trusty model, understanding how to reset the oil light is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s health. This detailed guide offers insights into the methods to reset the oil light, types of oil to use, quantities needed, and more.

    Unpacking the Purpose of Honda Civic’s Oil Light

    The oil light, a key feature in the Honda Civic’s onboard diagnostics, serves an important role in car maintenance. It signals when the vehicle’s oil level dips, indicating the need for an oil change. Ignoring this light can lead to decreased performance or even damage, making it crucial to understand how to reset it post oil change.

    How to Reset Honda Civic Oil Light

    Resetting the Oil Light on New Honda Civic Models

    Resetting the oil light in the latest Honda Civic models involves the following steps:

    • Turn on the vehicle’s power without starting the engine using the ignition button.
    • Press the Menu button (identified by a small “i” on the steering wheel) twice.
    • Press and hold the “Enter” key until the maintenance screen appears.
    • Scroll to the oil life option, typically marked as “Item A”.
    • Press and hold the “Enter” key until the oil life resets to 100%.

    Resetting the Oil Light on Older Honda Civic Models

    For older models of the Honda Civic, resetting the oil light is relatively easier:

    • Activate the power without turning on the engine.
    • Press and hold the “SEL/RESET” button until the oil life indicator starts blinking. Release the button.
    • Press and hold the “SEL/RESET” button again until the blinking stops and the indicator resets to 100%.

    Key Considerations for Changing Oil in Honda Civic: Oil Type and Quantity

    When it comes to oil changes, it’s essential to consider the type and quantity of oil. Most Honda Civic models require around 4.6 liters of oil for a complete oil change. For peak performance, consider using 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil, either conventional or synthetic, as per your vehicle’s specifications.

    Conclusion: Seamless Maintenance with Expert Assistance

    While resetting the oil light in a Honda Civic is straightforward, it’s always beneficial to seek help from experts for comprehensive car care. Timely maintenance, oil changes, and understanding your car’s needs can significantly contribute to its lifespan and performance.

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