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    How to Reset the Service Light on the Volvo S70

    Guide to Resetting the Service Light Indicator on Volvo S70 (1999-2007)

    It’s crucial to maintain your Volvo S70 periodically. After each service, you should reset the service light indicator. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this process.

    Volvo S70 reset service light indicator

    Resetting Service Light Indicator for Volvo S70:

    General Reset Procedure:

    • Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to position “I.”
    • Press and hold the trip odometer button, then turn the ignition key to position “II.”
    • After about 5 seconds, when the service engine light starts to blink, turn the ignition key back to position “I.”
    • Release the button and start the engine. If the light remains on, retry the previous steps.

    Procedure for Volvo S70 1999-2000 Models:

    1. Ensure the ignition is off, then press and hold the trip odometer “RESET” button while turning the ignition to “POSITION I”.
    2. Hold the button for about 10 seconds until the light begins to flash.
    3. Release the button within the subsequent 4 seconds.
    4. Turn the ignition off to conclude the process.

    Important Consideration:

    Always perform this reset after an oil and filter change, ensuring adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Resetting the light without changing the oil could lead to early engine wear and related complications. If the indicator lights up after the engine starts, the reset might not have been successful, and you should retry the procedure.

    By regularly maintaining your Volvo S70 and following these reset instructions, you ensure the car’s optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

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