Indicator Reset Light Service

    Instructions on how to manually reset the warning signs that occur in your car dashboard

    Oil reset service light indicator Skoda Roomster

    How to reset service light indicator Skoda Roomster.

    Reset service light indicator Skoda Roomster. From year: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.








    The distance which you have driven with your Skoda Roomster is shown in kilometres (km). In some countries the measuring unit “mile” is used.

    Reset button Skoda Roomster.
    Press the button 6 for more than 1 second to reset the display of the daily trip counter.

    Daily trip counter (trip).

    The daily trip counter indicates the distance which you have driven since it was last reset – in steps of 100 metres or 1/10 of a mile.

    The odometer indicates the total distance in kilometres or miles which the vehicle has been driven.

    Fault display.
    If there is a fault in the instrument cluster Error will appear continuously in the display. Ensure the fault is rectified as soon as possible by a specialist workshop.

    If vehicles which are fitted with the information display the display of the second speed is activated in mph or km/h, this driving speed is indicated instead of the counter for the total distance driven.

    Resetting Service Interval Display Skoda Roomster.

    It is only possible to reset the Service Interval Display, if a service message or at least a pre-warning is shown in the instrument cluster display.

    You can reset the service interval display by using the reset button 6.

    On vehicles which are equipped with the information display, you can reset the service interval display in the menu Settings.

    • Never reset the display between service intervals, as this will result in the incorrect display.
    • Information is retained in the Service Interval Display also after the battery of the vehicle is disconnected.
    • If the instrument cluster is exchanged after a repair, the correct values must be entered in the counter for the Service Interval Display. This work is carried out by a specialist garage.
    • After resetting the display with flexible service intervals, the displayed data is the same as that for a vehicle with fixed service intervals. We therefore recommend that the Service Interval Display is only reset by a ŠKODA Service Partner, who will reset the display with a vehicle system tester.
    • Please refer to the Service Plan for detailed information about the service intervals.







    Select the desired memory.
    Push and hold the button B, for longer than one second.

    The following readouts of the selected memory will be set to zero by button B:

    • Average fuel consumption;
    • Distance driven;
    • Average speed;
    • Driving time.

    You can activate the Main menu by pressing the rocker switch A, for more than 1 second.

    Individual menu points can be selected by means of the rocker switch A . When the pushbutton B is briefly pressed, the information you have selected is displayed.

    The following information can be selected (depending on the equipment installed on the vehicle):

    • MFD
    • Audio
    • Navigation
    • Phone
    • Vehicle status
    • Settings

    The menu points Audio and Navigation are only displayed when the factory-fitted radio or navigation system is switched on.

    If warning messages are shown in the information display, these messages can be confirmed with the button B, on the windshield wiper lever in order to call up the main menu.

    If the information display is not activated at that moment, the menu always shifts to one of the higher levels after 10 seconds.

    Settings Skoda Roomster.

    You can change certain settings by means of the information display. The current setting is shown on the information display in the respective menu at the top below the line.

    The following information can be selected (depending on the equipment installed on the vehicle):

    • Language
    • MFD Data
    • Time
    • Winter tyres
    • Units
    • Alternative speed displayed
    • Service
    • Factory Setting
    • Back

    After selecting the menu point Back you will reach one level higher in the menu.

    This is where the language in which the warning and information texts should be displayed can be set.

    Displays of the MFA
    This is where certain displays of the multi-functional indicator can be switched on or off.

    The time, time format (12 or 24 hour indicator) and the changeover between summer/ winter time can be set here.

    Winter tyres
    This where the speed at which a warning signal should sound can be set. This function is, for example, used for winter tyres with which the permissible maximum speed is lower than the maximum speed of the vehicle.
    When exceeding the speed, the following is shown on the information display:
    Winter tyres: max. speed … km/h

    The units for the temperature, consumption and distance driven can be set here.

    Second speed
    The display of the second speed in mph or in km/h can be switched on here.

    Service Skoda Roomster.
    Here you can have the remaining kilometres and days until the next service interval displayed, and reset the Service Interval Display.

    Factory Setting
    After selecting the menu Factory setting the factory setting of the information display is restored.

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