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    Oil service light reset indicator Volvo V50

    Guide to Resetting the Service Light Indicator on Volvo V50 (2005-2011)

    The Volvo V50, renowned for its safety and build quality, was a popular choice for many during its production years from 2005 to 2011. If you’ve recently serviced your Volvo V50 and need to reset the oil maintenance light, we have created a concise guide to walk you through the process.

    Oil service light reset indicator Volvo V50

    Resetting the Oil Maintenance Light:

    1. Start with the ignition turned off. Press and hold the trip odometer “RESET” button. Within 2 seconds, turn the ignition to the “RUN” position without starting the engine.
    2. Keep holding the button until the initial value has been reset.
    3. Release the button within 4 seconds once the information lamp illuminates.
    4. A confirmation chime will sound, indicating the process is complete.
    5. Lastly, switch the ignition off.

    Key Considerations:

    It’s essential to reset the service light indicator only after you’ve replaced the engine oil and filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Resetting the light without an actual oil change can risk premature engine wear and related complications. If the indicator still appears upon restarting, the reset might not have been successful. In such cases, kindly redo the procedure.

    Regular oil changes and maintenance are crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of your Volvo V50. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and use this guide to reset the service light post-service.

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