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    Indicator oil reset light service Volvo C70

    Guide to Resetting the Service Light Indicator on Volvo C70 (1997-2013)

    Regular maintenance is pivotal for the longevity of your Volvo C70. After each service, it’s essential to reset the service light indicator. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you in this process.

    Indicator oil reset light service Volvo C70

    Resetting Service Light Indicator for Volvo C70 (1997-2004):

    1. Ensure the trip distance displayed is in km/miles.
    2. Switch the vehicle off.
    3. Turn the key to the first position in the ignition.
    4. Press and hold down the trip reset button.
    5. While holding the button, turn the key to the second position.
    6. After approximately 10 seconds, release the button and remove the key from the ignition.
    7. Switch off the ignition, then restart the engine to confirm the reset was successful.

    Resetting Service Light Indicator for Volvo C70 (2006-2013):

    1. With the ignition off, press and hold the trip odometer “RESET” button, then turn the ignition to the “RUN” position within 2 seconds.
    2. Keep holding the button until the original value is reset.
    3. Upon the illumination of the information lamp, release the button within 4 seconds.
    4. You will hear a chime signaling the reset.
    5. Finally, turn off the ignition.

    Important Consideration:

    Always reset the service light indicator post an oil and filter change, adhering to the manufacturer’s specifications. Bypassing the actual oil change while only resetting the light might result in premature engine wear and subsequent complications. If the indicator lights up after the vehicle starts, you may need to redo the reset procedure.

    Regularly servicing your Volvo C70 and adhering to these reset guidelines ensures your car performs optimally throughout its lifespan.

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