Indicator Reset Light Service

    Instructions on how to manually reset the warning signs that occur in your car dashboard

    Oil reset service light indicator Mercedes Viano 2008

    How do you reset maintenance light, reset service light indicator Mercedes Viano, year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. For reset maintenance light and that can be made manually by use button on car dashboard.

    Reset service light indicator, engine oil life Mercedes Viano, oil reset instructions:

    1. Ensure ignition is switched OFF.
    2. Switch ignition ON and briefly press button[A] twice.
    3. Within 10 seconds: Switch ignition OFF.
    4. Press and hold button [A].
    5. Switch ignition ON.
    6. Continue to hold button [A].
    7. The remaining distance will be displayed.
    8. After aproximately 10 seconds a warning sound will be heard and the new remaining distance will appear in the digital display.
    9. Release button [A].

    NOTE: The service interval indicator can be reset to a higher than normal value for use with alternative higher specification engine oils. This can only be carried out using diagnostic equipment.

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